Woke up I woke up to the piercing sound of my alarm ringing in my ears Washed I turned on my shower and the shocking chill of the cold water was a slap round the face to reassure i was awake Had breakfast The silky nutella and soft bread filled my stomach Brush my teeth […]

In Chapter 25 Pip gets to know Bentley Drummle. He discovers that he is quite a sulky fellow as pip describes and that he came of rich people down in somersetshire however unlike rich gentleman like himself he is alot thicker then the normal. The other person he met was a man named startop and […]

In chapter 23 pip first goes to the Royal exchange which he finds the commercial world quite unpleasant with Herbert Pocket. After the visit he returns to Mathew Pocket house for tutoring. Pip discovers that Pockets house is quite different to the ordinary with servants working everywhere around the house. During the tutoring Pip meets […]

In Chapter 26 Pip and his new acquaintances sit down for dinner at Jaggers house in Soho which appears to pip as quite a upper class and fancy house. AS they sit down and dinner is served a pale and saddened women walks out with the food being served. Pip describes her face and quotes […]

Chapter 22 follows on from where Pip and Mr pockets son realise they have met before at Miss Havishams. Pip discovers that Mr pocket son thinks of estella having met her before as a ‘Tartar’. He states that she is ‘haughty and calricious to the last degree and has been brought up by Miss Havisham […]

As pip is introduced to is new life in London with a great fortune he finds himself travilling to the Baranrd inn with Mr wemmick where he will be residing. In pips eyes Mr wemmick seems to be a ‘dry man’ and has an expression which seemed to be ‘imperfectly chipped out with a dull […]

The next day Pip decides to take the deal the lawyer Jaggers has offered. He believes that this offer is just too good to turn down but he feels heavy sympathy for Joe although acting very snobbishly towards most of them. ¬†However all of a sudden people begin to be much nicer to Pip now […]